Jane Goodall Institute Web Site

Jane Goodall Institute

People sometimes ask me which conservation organization they should give money to, and this is the one I recommend. The Jane Goodall Institute is doing first-class conservation work in Africa, protecting chimpanzees while at the same time involving the local people in this effort through regional reforestation, education, and micro-credit projects. Visit site »

Authorwire: Howard Mansfield & Sy Montgomery Web Site

Howard Mansfield & Sy Montgomery website

Sy Montgomery completely shares my perspective on animals and conservation. Her writing is personal, lively, courageous—so good it makes me very jealous. Visit site »

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas Web Site

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Visit site »

International Primate Protection League Web Site

International Primate Protection League

This is a wonderful organization that works directly and practically to help primates of all sorts in all situations. It is also involved in a good deal of amazing undercover investigation into the illegal uses and abuses of non-human primates. I strongly recommend you contact the IPPL and subscribe to the Newsletter. Visit site »

Marc Bekoff Web Site

Marc Bekoff

My friend Marc Bekoff is a well-respected ethologist from the University of Colorado who has written prolifically on animals—in areas of cognition, intelligence, emotions, and behavior—from a thoughtful and respectful stance that I admire. I regard his books as ‘required reading’. Visit site »

Psychology Today Bloggers Web Site

Psychology Today Bloggers

Psychology Today remains one of the top popular introductions to current issues in psychology. I am very pleased to see that they are now fully engaged in the latest thinking in evolutionary psychology and (therefore) animal psychology—including their moral psychology. Evolutionary, animal, and moral psychology: the subject of my blog at Psychology Today, which is called The Moral Lives of Animals. Visit site »