Elephant Reflections

Berkeley: University of California Press, 2009

I was encouraged to write Elephant Reflections by two editors at the University of California Press: a text to accompany my friend Karl Ammann’s collection of gorgeous elephant photographs in a coffee-table style book. Karl and I had already seen (and he had photographed) elephants in the Wonga-Wonguè Forest Reserve of Gabon. Now, in working on the book, we traveled into the mountains of northwestern Burma to watch (and touch) Asian elephants trained to work in the timber industry, and then to Africa to look at and photograph the forest elephants in the Dzanga-Sanga Reserve of Central Africa Republic and the savanna elephants of Amboseli National Park and Samburu Reserve, both in Kenya. I love elephants.

Elephant Reflections
Photo © Karl Ammann
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Reviews And Comments

"This is a stunning book. It is the best book ever about this most majestic of animals."—Jane Goodall

"A stunning testament to 'the last of the giants standing, bereft, at the door of ancient time'."—Publishers' Weekly (starred review)

"This gorgeous book… will convince you that the elephant is one of nature’s greatest and most original works."—Scientific American

Elephant Reflections by Dale Peterson with photography by Karl Ammann
Elephant Reflections by Dale Peterson with photography by Karl Ammann

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