Dale Peterson, Author
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      Dale Peterson has been writing books about scientific and natural history subjects since completing a Ph.D. in English in 1977. After a couple of years working his day job as a carpenter, he published a history of psychiatry (1436 to 1975), told from the perspective of the patients. Then he wrote four books on computers. But by the mid-1980s, Dale had found his true subject, which is animals: their lives, meaning, and fate. He has traveled around the world, explored tropical forests from South America to Africa to Madagascar, to India and Southeast Asia—looking for wild animals. He's also examined how people treat animals, conducting undercover investigations in the United States, surveying wild animal meat markets in Central Africa and Asia, interviewing gorilla hunters and elephant marketers in Africa, following the trail of illegal animal body parts from northern Burma into Yunnan Province, China… and so on.
      His friendship with Jane Goodall has lent yet another angle to this interest, since she introduced him to the scientific world of primatology and to field research on primates, as well to so many issues related to conservation and the ethics of our relationship with the world's many other living creatures.

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Praise for Dale Peterson's work:

"…Dale Peterson has given us a beautiful book…"—American Scientist
"…vividly and significantly enriches our understanding…"—Booklist
"…cuts a broad swath…."—Boston Globe
"…thorough, intelligent, and highly readable…."— Christian Science Monitor
"…crisp, clear and engaging."—Globe and Mail
"…informative, clear, and precise…."—International Herald Tribune
"…thorough and sophisticated …accessible and enjoyable…"—Kirkus
"…witty, totally charming…."—Library Journal
"…comprehensive and masterful…."—Los Angeles Times
"Peterson is an expert guide…."—Natural History
"…beautifully written, easily read, and ethically challenging…."—Nature
"Peterson makes an irresistible guide…."—Newsweek
"…a well-argued case…."—New Yorker
"…absorbing … remarkable…."—New York Times
"…a primate's delight."—O: The Oprah Magazine
"…original, wide-ranging, and ambitious."—Orion
"…vividly captures…."—Outside
"…revealing … a delight."—People
"…well written, well researched, and forward looking …."—Psychology Today
"…a stunning testament….—Publishers' Weekly
"…one-of-a-kind…."—The Reader's Edge
"Peterson proves himself a gifted and generous writer."—San Francisco Chronicle
"This gorgeous book…"—Scientific American
"…thought-provoking read…."—Scientific American Mind
"…raises fascinating questions in an accessible style."—The Times
"…complex issues in a readable and exciting narrative…"—Times Literary Supplement
"…perceptive and intimate…."—USA Today
"Humanists and animal lovers will appreciate…."—Vogue
"…important …a pleasure to read."—Wall Street Journal
"…riveting …deserves a wide public."—Washington Post


Bloomsbury Review Editors' Favorite Book of the Year
Boston Globe Best Book of the Year
Denver Post Best Book of the Year
The Economist Best Book of the Year
Discover Top Science Book of the Year
Globe and Mail Best Book of the Year
Library Journal Best Book of the Year (1993)
Library Journal Best Book of the Year (2011)
Long Island Newsday Favorite Book of the Year
New York Times Notable Book of the Year (1993)
New York Times Notable Book of the Year (2006)
Village Voice Best Book of the Year
Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University
PEN New England L. L. Winship Award, finalist
Sir Peter Kent Conservation Book Prize (Britain), finalist
Book-of-the-Month Club selection
Science Book-of-the-Month Club selection
Scientific American Book Club selection


Recent works include:

Giraffe Reflections
Purchase: Amazon.com  IndieBound
Moral Lives of Animals
Purchase: Amazon.com  IndieBound
Elephant Reflections
Purchase: Amazon.com  IndieBound
Jane Goodall
Purchase: Amazon.com  IndieBound
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Photographs courtesy of Karl Ammann. © Karl Ammann. All Rights Reserved.
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© Copyright, Dale Peterson. All Rights Reserved.
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